Monday, March 6, 2023

Book Review: Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft

Pages: 368
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: February 14, 2023
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Publisher for review
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



Goodreads says, "A compelling debut novel about an ambitious woman who, after a lifetime of conning alongside her mother, wants to leave her dark past behind and marry the heir to one of the country's wealthiest families. Like any enterprising woman, Bea knows what she’s worth and is determined to get all she deserves—it just so happens that what she deserves is to marry rich. After a lifetime of forced instruction in the art of swindling men by her mother, Bea wants nothing more than to escape her shadow, close the door on their sordid past, and disappear safely into old-money domesticity. When Bea finds her final mark in the perfectly dull blue-blooded Collin, she’s ready to deploy all her tricks one last time. The challenge isn’t getting the ring, but rather the approval of Collin’s family and everyone else in their tax bracket, particularly his childhood best friend Gale. Going toe-to-toe with Gale isn’t a threat to an expert like Bea, but what begins as an amusing cat-and-mouse game quickly develops into a dangerous chase. As the truth of Bea’s past threatens to come roaring out, she finds herself racing against the clock to pass the finish line before everything is exposed." 



Bea has grown up with a conniving, scheming mother who takes advantage of wealthy men. She wants to leave her past behind, but some of her old habits die hard. While working at an advertising agency in New York City, Bea starts dating a client, Collin Case, who just so happens to be one of the wealthiest bachelors in the United States. He falls for Bea hard and before she knows it, she is immersed in his world of privilege. Things don't come easy to Bea despite her fool proof background - no one will figure out her past - but Collin's friends and family start questioning just about everything about her since she isn't the "type" of girl that Collin should date. One friend in particular, Gale, starts to really dig deep into Bea's past. The more time Bea spends with Gale, she realizes that Gale is actually in love with Collin and is trying to thwart her plans. Whether at Greenwich, Manhattan, or Newport, Bea is one step away from becoming Collin's wife, but there's so much at stake and so many obstacles in her way. She has no choice, but to start to play a bit of a cat/mouse game with Gale and then things start to get very interesting. Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft is an entertaining debut that is good fit for fans of Gone Girl or The Last Mrs. Parrish.

Bea is the type of character you love to hate in Stone Cold Fox. We know the games she is playing are wrong and readers will question her motives, but we don't want to see her lose, especially when she is up again Gale who is the worst! At first, Bea is just messing around with Gale, because what could Gale actually have on her? But things take a quick turn, and boy, does it get serious quickly. Bea underestimated Gale initially and she has come to take her down and tell Collin the truth of Bea's past. Plus, there's also Sylvia Austin, Collin's new assistant, who seems innocent, but there's definitely more to her than meets the eye.

All the while, Bea is trying to escape the toxic patterns of her childhood as well as her past with her deranged mother. Ultimately, Bea still looks for her mother's approval deep down and often thinks about what she would do in a situation. Bea strives to be less like her mother, but the more she plays these dangerous games, the more history repeats itself and the cycle continues in Stone Cold Fox.

If you love a good thriller that is reminiscent of Gone Girl and The Last Mrs. Parrish, Stone Cold Fox is it. In fact, it's already in the works to be made into a TV show and I think that it would translate very well to the small screen. Stone Cold Fox is definitely entertaining and while the end seemed a little far-fetched, I enjoyed the ride. Have you read Stone Cold Fox? Is it on your TBR list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. These three women definitely sound like they're bringing the drama!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Michele and Angela. They definitely brought ALL the drama and it was so entertaining.


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