Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Book Review: Spells for Lost Things by Jenna Evans Welch

Pages: 368
Genre: YA Fiction 
Pub. Date: September 27, 2022
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Source: Publisher for review
Other Books By Author: Love & Gelato,
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads says, "Willow has never felt like she belonged anywhere and is convinced that the only way to find a true home is to travel the world. But her plans to act on her dream are put on hold when her aloof and often absent mother drags Willow to Salem, Massachusetts, to wrap up the affairs of an aunt Willow didn’t even know she had. An aunt who may or may not have been a witch. There, she meets Mason, a loner who’s always felt out of place and has been in and out of foster homes his entire life. He’s been classified as one of the runaways, constantly searching for ways to make it back to his mom; even if she can’t take care of him, it’s his job to try and take care of her. Isn’t it? Naturally pulled to one another, Willow and Mason set out across Salem to discover the secret past of Willow’s mother, her aunt, and the ambiguous history of her family. During all of this, the two can’t help but act on their natural connection. But with the amount of baggage between them—and Willow’s growing conviction her family might be cursed—can they manage to hold onto each other?"


Willow and Mason both find themselves at Salem, Massachusetts, but for very different reasons. Mason is at a new foster home, but deep down inside he hopes to one day be reunited with his mother.  Willow is visiting Salem, because her mom is dealing with an unexpected family inheritance. This surprises Willow as she didn't know about her family from Salem and her mother isn't giving too much away about her mysterious past. When Willow and Mason meet, there is an instant connection between the two. Willow relies on Mason to help her navigate things with her family including a possible family curse. Jenna Evans Welch's Spells for Lost Things is a cute YA magical romance with a strong focus on family. 

Willow is an interesting character in Spells for Lost Things. Unlike Mason, her mother is present in her life, she isn't exactly presenting a clear picture. She is hiding things from Willow, especially when it comes to her past in Salem. Once Willow tags along to help her mother with the inheritance, she meets family members she didn't know about and in turn learns about her ancestry and her mother's past. There's a possible family curse, there's hidden letters, and more!  

Mason, on the other hand, is dealing with harder issues than Willow in Spells for Lost Things. He is in foster care and while he appreciates his new foster placement, he maintains hope that he will one day be reunited with his mother. He looks at the stars and the signs--always hoping they will point to her. His mother is an addict, so it's extremely heartbreaking.  I appreciate that Welch included such serious issues of addiction and foster care in her novel as I think it's important. Another theme throughout is the relationship with your mother as both Willow and Mason have challenging relationships with their own mother. I think many teens can appreciate this part of the novel and how the navigate it.

The romance in Spells for Lost Things was cute and the magical aspect of the novel makes it a perfect YA read for fall, especially if you are looking for something witchy, but not necessarily spooky. While it wasn't my favorite of Welch's novels, it was a solid read that I think many readers will enjoy this fall season.

So, are you a fan of Welch? Have you read Spells for Lost Things? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I've been shying away from YA lately, but this definitely does sound perfect for the season!

    1. Me too! It's sad really that I don't read as much YA. I always gravitate towards Welch's novels though. It was definitely a fun book. Thanks for visiting, Angela!


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