Thursday, February 24, 2022

Book Review: The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti by Jennifer Probst

Pages: 284
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: February 22, 2022
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Publisher for review
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


Goodreads says, "A secret romance sends three estranged sisters to the Amalfi Coast to follow clues about their mother's past, and challenges them to a whole new future, in this emotional novel from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.  Priscilla, Devon, and Bailey haven't been close in years, but when the sisters are forced to come together to settle their mother's estate, they discover a secret. In an old trunk, they happen upon ownership papers for a house on the Amalfi Coast, along with a love letter to their mother from an anonymous man, promising to meet her in Italy during the summer of her sixty-fifth birthday.  Now they're questioning everything they knew about her history. In order to get answers about the woman they thought they knew, they'll have to go back to where it all started. The sisters embark on a trip to the stunning cliffside village of Positano, Italy, to track down the mysterious ex-lover, and figure out who their mother really was.  As Priscilla, Devon, and Bailey unearth the truth, they also experience the magic of Italy, the power of sisterly love, a little unexpected romance, and newfound hope for the future."


Pris, Devon, and Bailey's mother, Olivia, has unexpectedly died from pneumonia and left behind some juicy family secrets.  For starters, the girls find out their mother had a cottage on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  Along with the deed to the house, they find love letters to her mother from "R." The letters detail their love affair as well as a promise made that on Olivia's 65th birthday, they would meet up again. Sadly, Olivia never made it.  So, the three sisters, even though they aren't currently very close, decide to drop everything and go see this house and try to figure out who their mother's secret lover is.   The women question how well they knew their mother; meanwhile, they have their own problems to sort out in The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti by Jennifer Probst.

Each sister brings something interesting to the table in The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti.  The eldest sister, Priscilla, is the responsible one.  A former New York City ballerina, Pris has lost her way a bit and her marriage is suffering.  Her husband is married to his job as a lawyer and now that their son is grown, she is trying to figure out her next step and how to repair her marriage.  Devon, a professor, has put all of her eggs in her career basket, which leaves her love life empty. Not to mention, Devon still holds a grudge towards Bailey over a guy. Then there's Bailey, a free-spirit, who goes where the wind takes her.  All three women are very different and don't have a close relationship; however, this trip will force them to not only examine their sisterly relationships, but also the relationships with themselves.  

Probst includes various chapters from the daughters' perspectives, and also from Olivia's too.  I was actually really into Olivia's chapters in The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti and couldn't wait to find out more about her past.  At times, the chapters focusing on the daughters didn't seem as engaging as Olivia's.  How could they compete, though? Olivia was on quite the adventure when visiting her aunt in Italy.  Over a course of many summers, she meets her love and their relationship develops.  If meeting up every summer on the Italian Coast and continue where they left off doesn't make you swoon, you are heartless!  Both Olivia and her Italian beau both want to be together full-time, but there seems to be too much in their way.  Cue the star-crossed lovers vibe.

The true star of The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti is the location of the Amalfi Coast. Probst nails its depiction.  I felt like I was there and this was the perfect winter escape.  I mean who doesn't wish they surprisingly inherited a house on the gorgeous Italian coast?

By the time The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti was over, each sister has figured out more about themselves, improved their relationships with one another, and figured out the truth surrounding their mother.  While this wasn't an earth-shattering read, it was exactly the kind of book I was hoping to immerse myself in over a dreary winter weekend.  

Have you read Jennifer Probst? Is this book on your TBR list? Have you visited the Amalfi Coast? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 




  1. Oh, my, that setting! I can understand how Olivia's chapters were so satisfying.

    1. They really were! An escape to Amalfi Coast was exactly what I needed. Thanks for visiting, Angela.


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