Thursday, July 30, 2020

Book Review: Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer

Pages: 320
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pub. Date:  May 26, 2020
Publisher: Ballantine
Source: Publisher for review
Other Books By Author:  Nantucket Sisters 
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads says, "Lisa Hudson feels more alive than she has in a long time after hiring hunky carpenter Mack Whitney to renovate her old Nantucket home. There's no denying the spark growing between them--despite the fact that Mack is ten years her junior. But her twentysomething children, Juliet and Theo, on the island for the summer, worry that the new relationship will only lead to Lisa's heartbreak.   Yet Juliet and Theo are in for tangled love stories all their own. When dreamy Cooper Hastings moves to the island to pursue a new environmental venture, Juliet feels an unwelcome attraction, her rocky romantic history pushing her to steer clear of love. Theo only has eyes for Mack's daughter, Bethany, with whom he was bound by an unspeakable tragedy in high school--but can they overcome their past? By August, when an impending storm threatens to shatter the peace of the golden island, everyone discovers what they can and cannot control. Nancy Thayer dazzles again with this new tale of a magical summer."

Lisa thought she married her Prince Charming until their marriage fell apart and she found herself raising her children, Juliet and Theo, on her own on the gorgeous island of Nantucket.  She slowly built her life back up and opened her own boutique on the island.  For years, she focused on her children, her parents, and her shop, but now that her kids have moved out and are grown, she is finding time to get back to what makes her happy.  Except there's some issues. Aren't there always?  Her historic home is falling apart. Literally. Part of her ceiling fell down, so she needs a carpenter stat. There's where Mack comes in.  He is known for repairing historic homes on the island and while they know of each other, because their kids were friends, she hasn't really gotten to know him mostly because he is ten years younger.  What could they possibly have in common? Once they start to hangout, they realize that there's some undeniable chemistry between the two of them despite the age difference.  Just when things start heating up between the two, Lisa's daughter, Juliet, comes home and has plans to stay there for awhile.  Naturally Juliet wants her mom to date, but she is worried she will get her heart broken by the much younger Mack.  Plus, Juliet is escaping her own problems and hopes some time at home will fix them.  Then there's Theo, who also returns home after injuring his shoulder surfing in California.  Both of Lisa's children find love this summer on the island of Nantucket and quite possibly Lisa herself if she allows it.  Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer is pure summer escapism.  

I could connect with Lisa at once in Girls of Summer. She always put her children first and her work first; so, she has put her needs and her historic home's needs on the back burner for years.  She promises to finally work on her old house and in doing so, she meets someone who knocks her socks off.  Once she gets past the age gap, she starts to allow herself to be happy; however, things get a bit bumpy when both of her children return home for the summer.  Juliet brings major problems of her own, not to mention a broken heart, and Theo is a bit of a lost puppy. Not only does has a major shoulder injury, he is also without a job.  He is trying to find his way and his old high school crush, Beth, catches his eye.  Beth is Mack's son, so cue the drama.  Juliet also has an opportunity for love this summer if she can allow herself to open up after her broken heart.  Each chapter is told from a different character's perspective and I loved that aspect of the story. It was a great way to delve deeper into the character's thoughts and feelings all while moving the story along.

The setting of Nantucket is well done in Girls of Summer. I loved the descriptions of the quaint town, the shops, the restaurants, the historic homes, and the beautiful landscapes. Juliet's love interest, Cooper, is on the island for environmental purposes regarding his work, so this was a nice touch as well as readers learn more details about the island and its wildlife.  

Girls of Summer is a dreamy sort of beach read and one that is a bit predictable. You go into it knowing everyone is going to be happy by the end and things always work out.  It seemed too good to be true and too many coincidences, but that's what I love about Thayer's novels. They are overly saccharine and a great summer escape to get your mind off things. I don't know about you, but that is just what I needed.  You can count on Thayer to insert you into a world of rainbows, true love, and a never-ending summer night.  So, if you don't like insta-love in your beach reads and a bit more angst, look further; otherwise, this is beach read gold right here.  

Are you a fan of Nancy Thayer's novels? Is Girls of Summer on your summer TBR list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. I love a Nantucket setting, and even though this is a bit predictable, sometimes that's what I need in a summer beach read!

    1. Yes! I actually liked being transported to this perfect world filled with happy endings. It was a nice escape. Thanks for visiting, Angela!


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