Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Blog Tour: A Dawn of Onyx

It's spooky season and I love to snuggle up with a read that's perfect for fall. Sometimes I can't stomach books with elements from the horror genre, so I lean more towards a fantasy. Today I'm sharing with you a new fantasy/romance  novel that sounds absolutely perfect for October. A Dawn of Onyx by Kate Golden was a breakout sensation on TikTok and was just re-released on October 3rd by Berkley. It's receiving a lot of buzz and I can't wait to dive in. Plus, it's the start of a promising new series with book two coming out Spring 2024.

Learn More About the Book:


"Arwen Valondale lives a quiet life. With secret healing abilities, and a world at war, the last thing she expects is to offer her own life to save her brother’s. But when he becomes a deserter to the war, there must be repercussions. She’s taken prisoner by the most dangerous kingdom on the continent and forced to use her rare magical abilities to heal the soldiers of the vicious Onyx King.

Desperate to escape but smart enough to avoid the ancient, wicked woods that surround the castle, Arwen decides working with a fellow prisoner is her best chance at freedom. To make it out of enemy territory, she’ll have to navigate back-stabbing royals, dark magic, wicked Fae, and dangerous beasts.

And in Onyx Kingdom, trust is a luxury she can’t afford. But why does the Onyx King’s eyes soften when he looks at her? And how is Arwen able to feel so much for a man she should hate? The longer Arwen is held prisoner, the more she learns about the kingdom she was raised to despise. And the closer she gets to the Onyx King, the more she begins to question everything she has ever known.

Untold power lies inside Arwen, dormant and waiting for a spark. If she can harness it, she just might be able to escape with her life—and hopefully, her heart."


You can purchase your own copy of A Dawn of Onyx at  Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books A Million. Also, you can learn more about Kate Golden by visiting her website and connecting with her on Instagram and Twitter

Is A Dawn of Onyx on your fall TBR list? Have you read it already? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 



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