Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Blog Tour: The Book of Silver Linings

You had me at antique book, am I right? I love a good romance, especially when it has book stores, antique books, or old letters in the story line. So, when I heard about Nan Fischer's new novel, The Book of Silver Linings, I knew I had to read it and be a part of the blog tour showcasing this exciting new book, which comes out today.

It follows a "young woman who pens a note to a long-dead author and leaves it in a book - only to find that the author has written her back from beyond the grave." Is The Book of Silver Linings on your end-of-summer TBR list? I can't wait to read it! It seems the perfect book to end summer with.



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Goodreads says, "Constance should be feeling overjoyed: following a whirlwind romance, she has just said yes to marrying the man of her dreams, and she now has a gorgeous, shiny antique ring on her finger. But it all seems a bit too good to be true—including her fiancé himself, who acts strangely whenever Constance asks about his family and his past. The combination of her relationship anxieties, a stressful job, family issues, a best friend who asks her for money, and the closing of the beloved animal shelter where she volunteers causes Constance to feel like she’s hitting a wall. So she goes to the library, her place of comfort.
Books have always been there for Constance during hard times. While she’s at the library, Constance decides to research the origins of her beautiful new ring, and she’s led to a book of letters penned by a long-gone WWI soldier. With no one else to talk to about her problems, and finding solace in his words, Constance writes a letter and tucks it within the book’s pages. But she never expects that he’ll actually write back….
As the notes continue to arrive, Constance finds herself quickly falling in love with a ghost and putting her real-life relationship in jeopardy. Will a bond based on letters impossibly sent from the past derail her future? Or will Constance discover her voice and risk everything for the chance to somehow connect with her true soul mate?
Perfect for fans of Ashley Poston’s The Dead Romantics, and for readers of Jill Santopolo and Colleen Oakley, THE BOOK OF SILVER LININGS follows one woman in a gripping exploration of love and fate."

You can purchase your own copy of The Book of Silver Linings at Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Amazon. You can learn more about Nan Fischer by visiting her website and connecting with her on Instagram, and Twitter.

So, let me know if you are a fan of Nan Fischer and if The Book of Silver Linings is on your summer TBR list in the comments below.



  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful! Is there really a time-travel element? I love that.

    1. I am so excited about this one, too. It sounds like there's a variation on a time travel element with the letters! Thanks for visiting, Angela.


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