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Book Review: Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Pages: 400
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: September 20, 2022
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Publisher for review
Other Books By Author: First Time in Forever
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Goodreads says, "A family gathering  This Christmas the Miller siblings have one goal—to avoid their well-meaning family’s endless stream of prying questions. Ross, Alice and Clemmie have secrets that they don’t intend to share, and they are relying on each other to deflect attention. An uninvited guest  Lucy Clarke is facing a Christmas alone and the prospect of losing her job. Unless she can win a major piece of business from Ross Miller, the season promises to be anything but festive. She’ll just deliver her proposal to his family home and then leave. After all, she wouldn’t want to intrude on the Miller family’s perfect Christmas. A Christmas to remember  When Lucy appears on the Miller family’s snow-covered Highland doorstep, she's mistaken for Ross’s girlfriend. By the time the confusion is cleared up, they're snowed in—she can’t leave, even if she wants to! But does she want to? As secrets spill out like presents from an overstuffed stocking and the chemistry between her and Ross ignites, this is going to be either Lucy's worst Christmas ever or the best mistake of her life."



Ross, Alice, and Clemmie Miller all have one thing in common despite their vast differences as siblings - it's to help one another this Christmas to avoid the hard hitting questions that their family will ask. Ross Miller, while very successful, isn't married, much to his family's dismay. Alice is bringing home a boyfriend for this first time, and Clemmie is hiding a major life-altering secret. Meanwhile Lucy Clarke is finishing up her work for the holiday season, but really needs this last minute business deal with Ross Miller to secure her employment.  She has to delivery the business proposal to his family's home and then leave. However, when Lucy arrives, Ross isn't there yet, and his family mistake him for his new secretive girlfriend he is supposed to have, according to his sisters. Before Lucy knows it, she is involved in this "lie" and a snowstorm is coming straight for the Miller household in the Scottish Highlands. This will most certainly be a memorable Christmas. Sarah Morgan's Snowed in for Christmas is a sweet family drama that will warm your heart for the holiday season.

All three Miller siblings were actually enjoyable, which can be difficult when sharing the various points of view in a novel, but Morgan did a good job with it in Snowed in for Christmas. I was equally interested in each sibling's story, including Lucy's awkward entrance into the Miller's family Christmas. Ross is your typical successful businessman, overly concerned with work, and Alice is a bit anxious to bring home her new boyfriend. Her boyfriend, a surgeon, wants to settle down and get married and Alice isn't sure what she wants, so this only complicates things further. Then there's Clemmie who is hiding a major secret from her family and on top of it, she wants to leave London and her job and return home to Scotland. The Miller family will have a house full of people (and drama!) this holiday season and on top of this already stressful family dynamic is Lucy's surprise entrance.

Poor Lucy goes to the Miller's family remote house in the Highlands to deliver a very important business deal. Not only is Ross not there yet, the family mistake him as Ross's new girlfriend that the sisters casually mentioned. While there, Lucy tries to dig herself out of this hole, but meanwhile, she realizes how much she misses a family Christmas and especially her grandmother whom she was very close with. Just as Lucy tries to leave, an accident happens, which pretty much forces her to stay at the Miller's. Also, Nana Jean, is an absolute delight who stole every scene she was in. She says what she wants (usually the awkward truth), does what she wants, and I was here for it. She had me laughing out loud, especially with her take on some of the hilarious antics that ensue.

The setting of the Scottish Highlands in Snowed in for Christmas made this holiday tale extra Christmas-y.  The remote setting, the incoming snowstorm, the adorable Scottish town, and the cozy house only accessible by a rickety bridge  definitely added to the novel's holiday charm.  

So, if you enjoy holiday reads that are filled with family drama in the vein of Hilderbrand's Winter Street, look no further. Let me know if you a fan of Sarah Morgan and if you have you read Snowed in for Christmas. Is it on your TBR list? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. The Scottish setting sounds particularly delightful!

  2. It was one of my favorite parts! I enjoyed the family dynamic, too. Thanks for visiting, Angela!


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