Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Spotlight: Remember Love


I'm back from vacation and ready to share with you guys a new historical romance that just came out last week and it's perfect for fans of Bridgerton.  I'm part of Berkley's blog tour today for Remember Love by Mary Balogh, the queen of Regency romance. What's most exciting is the fact that it's the start of a promising new series!


Learn More About the Book:


Publisher's synopsis: "The handsome and charismatic Earl of Stratton, Caleb Ware, has been exposed to the ton for his clandestine affairs—by his own son. As a child, Devlin Ware thought his family stood for all that was right and good in the world. They were kind, gracious, and shared the beauty of Ravenswood, their grand country estate, by hosting lavish parties for the entire countryside. But at twenty-two, he discovered his whole world was an elaborate illusion, and when Devlin publicly called his family to account for it, he was exiled as a traitor. So be it. He enlisted in the fight against Napoleon and didn’t look back for six years. But now his father is dead, the Ware family is broken, and as the heir he is being called home. It’s only when Gwyneth Rhys—the woman he loved and then lost after his family banished him—holds out her hand to help him that he is able make the difficult journey and try to piece together his fractured family. It is Gwyneth’s loyalty, patience, and love that he needs. But is Devlin’s war-hardened heart even capable of offering her love in return?"


You can purchase your own copy of Remember Love at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.  You can learn more about Mary Balogh by visiting her website and connecting with her on Facebook.  


I am loving the sound of Remember Love, which is the first book in the Ravenswood series; it sounds like it will most definitely fill the void that Bridgerton left. What do you guys think? Are you adding it to your TBR list? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I've wanted to read this author for awhile, maybe this is where I should start!

    1. Me too! I am going to start here as well. Thanks for visiting, Angela!


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