Friday, April 15, 2022

Book Review: Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

Pages: 400
Genre: Adult Fiction/Romance
Pub. Date: April 19, 2022
Publisher: Grand Central
Source: Publisher for review
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads says, "The New York Times bestselling author of Life's Too Short delivers a refreshingly modern fairy tale perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Emily Henry.  After a wild bet, gourmet grilled-cheese sandwich, and cuddle with a baby goat, Alexis Montgomery has had her world turned upside down. The cause: Daniel Grant, a ridiculously hot carpenter who’s ten years younger than her and as casual as they come—the complete opposite of sophisticated city-girl Alexis. And yet their chemistry is undeniable. While her ultra-wealthy parents want her to carry on the family legacy of world-renowned surgeons, Alexis doesn’t need glory or fame. She’s fine with being a “mere” ER doctor. And every minute she spends with Daniel and the tight-knit town where he lives, she’s discovering just what’s really important. Yet letting their relationship become anything more than a short-term fling would mean turning her back on her family and giving up the opportunity to help thousands of people. Bringing Daniel into her world is impossible, and yet she can’t just give up the joy she’s found with him either. With so many differences between them, how can Alexis possibly choose between her world and his?"


Alexis Montgomery's family is medical royalty. Her mother, father, and ancestors were all surgeons at Royaume Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.  It is assumed in her family that her and her brother will take over as the family presence within the hospital.  Much to her father's dismay, Alexis has taken the emergency medicine route and not a more "accomplished" position.  Plus, when her brother elopes while in Cambodia for Doctors Without Borders, she realizes that not only is he not coming back to Minneapolis, her family's legacy lies solely in her hands.  While driving back from a funeral, she ends up stranded in a ditch in a backwoods town, thanks to a raccoon on the road.  Daniel Grant helps her get her car out of the ditch, and she runs into him again at the local pub.  Daniel is not only extremely attractive, he is also much, much younger than her, so she assumes nothing will come of the mutual attraction.  However, sparks fly and they spend the night together, even though that is something Alexis usually doesn't do. Alexis knows that she couldn't possibly have a future with Daniel. He lives in this hick town, is the mayor, and is a carpenter. That doesn't make them compatible in the very least; plus, her family would never approve.  But Alexis is tired of doing what everyone else wants her to do. What about what she wants? The more time she spends with Daniel, the more time she realizes that their relationship isn't just a fleeting romance.  Abby Jimenez's Part of Your World is a delightful opposites attract romance that fans of her work will most definitely enjoy.

Alexis is a character that you can't help but root for in  Part of Your World. She has a lot of issues that stem from how her family treats her as well as her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who is also a doctor at the hospital. Cue the drama.  Her family loves her ex, but she knows he isn't the guy for her, not to mention he is a total creep.  She keeps trying to escape him, but it's been difficult.  They share a house together and he doesn't want to break up with her.  Insert Daniel into this equation and you have polar opposites in love interests.  Daniel is a genuinely good guy with Alexis's best interests at heart. He cares about the town he lives in and is an extremely loyal friend.  The community relies on him and he is the very definition of dependable. It doesn't hurt that he is a masterful carpenter, extremely good looking, and very young.  All of this makes him swoon-worthy, but Alexis keeps trying to resist a serious relationship with him because he doesn't fit the mold of who she thinks she should be with.

As the story progresses, Alexis must figure out what she truly wants, not just what her family wants, or what they expect of her.  She must be courageous enough to forge her own path and follow her heart. It takes her some time to get to that point though.  I appreciate that  Part of Your World addresses trauma and digs deep into the characters; this isn't just a fluffy romance as it touches on a lot of different emotions.  Alexis really has to work on herself and feel empowered to make her own decisions.  It was frustrating at times to watch Alexis be so mistreated, but I was definitely caught up in her story and rooting her on. 

Additionally, I really enjoyed the secondary characters that Jimenez created in  Part of Your World. They weren't just characters that were on the sidelines, barely developed, instead they were very memorable.  I truly cared about their stories, especially Daniel's cousin and some of the other town's residents.

Part of Your World is the perfect springtime read. Fans of Jimenez's romances won't be disappointed.  This is my first novel I've read by Jimenez, but it definitely won't be the last.  If you are a fan of contemporary romances, definitely pick up a copy of  Part of Your World, which comes out on Tuesday.

Are you a fan of Abby Jimenez? Is  Part of Your World on your spring TBR list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. I love her books so much and I can't wait to read this!

    1. I think you'll like this one, Michele. I look forward to reading more of her novels! Thanks for visiting!

  2. This one is definitely on my TBR - the opposites attract element sounds so fun, and it also sounds like the story has a lot of depth.

    1. It definitely does, which I found to be a nice surprise! I look forward to your thoughts on it. Thanks for visiting, Angela!


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