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Book Review: Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

Pages: 352
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: October 6, 2020
Source: Book For Review
Other Books By Author: Winter in Paradise,
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Goodreads says, "After uprooting her life in the States, Irene Steele has just settled in at the villa on St. John where her husband Russ had been living a double life. But a visit from the FBI shakes her foundations, and Irene once again learns just how little she knew about the man she loved.   With help from their friends, Irene and her sons set up their lives while evidence mounts that the helicopter crash that killed Russ may not have been an accident. Meanwhile, the island watches this drama unfold -- including the driver of a Jeep with tinted windows who seems to be shadowing the Steele family.  As a storm gathers strength in the Atlantic, surprises are in store for the Steeles: help from a mysterious source, and a new beginning in the paradise that has become their home. At last all will be revealed about the secrets and lies that brought Irene and her sons to St. John -- and the truth that transformed them all."




Irene Steele has left her gorgeous Victorian home behind to live on the tropical island of St. John. As we know from books one and two in the series, there are so major questions still in the air about her now deceased husband's job as well as his extramarital affair.   The FBI is involved, so obviously this is serious.  In fact, the FBI take over the family's villa and now they have no where to live! This is especially a problem for the oldest son, Baker, who is moving to the island with his young son.  Things get complicated for Baker, not to mention the fact that Baker's love interest, Ayers, looks to be back with her ex-fiance.  Things aren't going as smoothly as planned for the Steeles and before they know it, a major storm is heading right for St. John.  Troubles in Paradise is a satisfying end to the Paradise series, which has proven to be the perfect fall escape these past few years.

As mentioned things get complicated for Irene in Troubles in Paradise. There's the fact that she has to find a new place to live and then there's an old diary that is found that most definitely throws her for a loop.  She has Huck to fall back on, but things get a little strained between them in Troubles in Paradise.  I was rooting for them all along though! 

Then there's Cash, who always seems to have some sort of difficulty in the previous novels, but seems to be getting his life together in Troubles in Paradise. He has a job, a new love interest, and a nice place to live.  Also, readers can definitely expect more from Maia, who is quickly growing up, as well as Ayers who has some surprises in store for us.  Baker's story was very enjoyable in this particular novel, mostly because I could relate to his struggles as a parent and trying to find his way in a new place. He wants to get back with Ayers, but is she over Mick? Is she ready for a committed relationship? Baker not only needs to find a new job, but also get his son set up in a new school and in a new house.  So, things are definitely changing for the Steele family (and friends) in Troubles in Paradise.  Expect more drama, more twists, and a major tropical storm to hit St. John; fans of the series won't be disappointed.

One aspect of the Paradise series that I love so much is the tropical setting of St. John.  Hilderbrand has spent quite a lot of time here and it shows in Troubles in Paradise. She is able to bring the setting to life so well-- the exquisite meals, the restaurants, the sunsets, the beaches, and the people.  I will definitely miss armchair traveling to St. John every fall now that this series has come to an end.

While I didn't love Troubles in Paradise as much as some of her other novels, I could count on the Paradise series to not only be a good escape, but also very entertaining with a few mysteries as well.  If 2020 has you missing escaping to a beautiful Caribbean destination complete with sunshine, blue waters, and a warm breeze, look no further. 

Are you a fan of Elin Hilderbrand? Have you read the Paradise series? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I am anxiously awaiting this third installment! Love this series.

    1. Me too! I think you will like the final book. You'll have to let me know your thoughts. Thanks for visiting!


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