Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Can't Wait Wednesday: Dangerous Alliance

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Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen
Pub. Date: December 3, 2019

Goodreads says, "Lady Victoria Aston has everything she could want: an older sister happily wed, the future of her family estate secure, and ample opportunity to while her time away in the fields around her home.  But now Vicky must marry—or find herself and her family destitute. Armed only with the wisdom she has gained from her beloved novels by Jane Austen, she enters society’s treacherous season.  Sadly, Miss Austen has little to say about Vicky’s exactcircumstances: whether the roguish Mr. Carmichael is indeed a scoundrel, if her former best friend, Tom Sherborne, is out for her dowry or for her heart, or even how to fend off the attentions of the foppish Mr. Silby, he of the unfortunate fashion sensibility.  Most unfortunately of all, Vicky’s books are silent on the topic of the mysterious accidents cropping up around her…ones that could prevent her from surviving until her wedding day."

As a Jane Austen fan, I think this may be the most perfect YA novel to curl up with this holiday season. What do you guys think? 


  1. I like when books incorporate other books as "how-to" guides - this sounds fun!

    1. Right? I thought so as well. Thanks for visiting, Angela!

  2. Replies
    1. Right? I love all things Jane, so I knew I had to check this one out. Thanks for visiting, Barb.

  3. Ohh is this a Pride and Prejudice retelling? I'm always down for one of those!

    1. I love anything Jane Austen! Thanks for visiting, Joy!


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