Friday, March 8, 2019

Children's Book Round-up (11)

It's been a few months since I last shared what I have been reading with my kids. It's been a pretty good mix of some classics as well as some newly published picture books. We tried to read some more "winter" reads these past few months and some were a hit, but others....not so much!  Here are some of the latest books that I have been enjoying with my children.

Where Birdie Lives by Elena Tsvetaeva - Thanks to Clever Publishing for sending me this adorable book with flaps, which makes it fun for little ones to read. The puppy is searching for Birdie. Where could he be? It's a perfect springtime read.

Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney - We love Anna Dewdney's books in our house and this one is fantastic for young ones that may have a tough time sharing. I love how Dewdney keeps it realistic, so kids can easily relate.

Dear Yeti by James Kwan - This wintertime read features two young hikers looking for the mystical Yeti.  This is a perfect read for kids who love an adventure.

Steve, Terror of the Seas by Megan Brewis* - This picture book is not only adorable, but really informative as well.  Why are all the fish afraid of such a little fish like Steve? Readers will learn why Steve is best friends with a shark among other information about various sea creatures.  A fantastic read, especially for little ones that love sea life.

Snow Dance by Leslie Evans - This adorable picture book captures all the fun of a snow day and all the different activities you can partake in like sledding, enjoying hot chocolate, building a snowman and more.   While this wasn't my favorite children's book featuring snow, I still thought it was a cute read to share with a child in the wintertime and in anticipation of that first snow day.

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney - As I said, we love Dewdney and this one doesn't disappoint. It goes over how to deal with a bully in your preschool class in a way that isn't overbearing.  This book is a great read with an important message.

Mighty Trucks: Muddymania by Chris Barton - The truck in this book can transform into his superhero persona, but honestly, it was really confusing to follow. The puns in the story just didn't work. There are other truck books out there that I would recommend over this one.

The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader - I love sharing Caldecott Medal books with my sons, but this one wasn't a favorite despite it being the perfect time to share a winter tale.  I think it's a tad too long for a picture book as it's jam packed with a lot of information about how animals get ready for a big snowstorm.  You need to have a focused bunch of children to truly appreciate this story despite its beautiful illustrations.

Pig the Winner by Aaron Blabby - My kids love the character of Pig the Pug, but I find him utterly annoying. I guess he is entertaining though. In this book, he has to be the winner at just about everything. I do; however, appreciate the book's lesson on playing fair and graciously winning. 

Nibbles Numbers by Emma Yarlett* - We love Nibbles the book monster in our house, so my toddler really enjoys this tale which features Nibbles nibbling his way through numbers. It's a great way to review numbers, but what makes this book special are all the cut-outs and fun holes that Nibbles chomped through.  

A Crankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger - This cranky monster doesn't like mushy gushy Valentine's Day with all the talk of love and hearts everywhere. My boys could relate to this story and loved the twist at the end. 

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together by Mary Ann Doberman - My youngest is just learning to read, so we really enjoyed sharing these "stories" together that require two voices. 

Chapter Books:

Scurvy Dogs and the Dinosaur Boneyard* by Kevin Frank - We love this band of silly dogs that think they are pirates. In this edition, the dogs end up at a dinosaur museum on the search for the perfect bone.  This book reads like a graphic novel and had us laughing out loud. This series is perfect for kids who love silly books with a lot of imagination. 

Good Morning, Gorillas (Magic Treehouse #26)  by Mary Pope Osborne - We have been enjoying the Magic Treehouse series for quite sometime now. I have to say that after book twenty, it is sort of losing its excitement as the books are getting a bit repetitive. I can't say I liked this book as much as the others in the series. Annie and Jack "travel" to the mountains of Africa and hang out with mountain gorillas.

Winter of the Ice Wizard (Magic Treehouse #32) by Mary Pope Osborne - My son and I liked book in the series a bit more than the last few we read. Osborne does a great job of incorporating fantasy aspects into her novels. Morgan and Merlin are missing, so it's up to Jack and Annie to find them in the Land Behind the Clouds. 

Have you read any of these books? Let me know some of your favorite children's books that you recently read in the comments below.  

*This is an Usborne/Kane Miller book. If you are interested in ordering these books for yourself or learning more about them, please check out my website

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