Friday, January 11, 2019

Spotlight on Harry Potter Board Games

Long before I was reading the Harry Potter series with my oldest son, I was a hardcore Harry Potter fan. Still am, actually. I love sharing this magical world with my kids.  It's exciting that my oldest son has become a big fan as well.  So, when Pressman Toys asked me to check out their Harry Potter games, I jumped at the chance, because who doesn't like board games?!? 

Over our holiday break, my family and I played these games and I want to share my thoughts on them with you guys.  First up, we played the Tri-Wizard Maze Game, which is perfect for ages five and up. I liked the retro aspect of this game with its plastic popper for the die. This makes things so much easier! Plus, the popper made for a fun and quick paced game that's perfect for a family game night when you have a younger crowd.  Your wizard has to race around the maze, but there are always things in his way. If you land on a draw space and then draw a card, it may include a particular spell or curse that could either help you or set you back. It was definitely fun and I liked that the directions were simple and not too elaborate like many other board games out there today.  This is my son's favorite game of the two and requests to play it quite often. 

The other Harry Potter board game that we played is the Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game. This game was a bit more elaborate and the rules were a little more involved; however, it is recommended for ages 8 and up.  I was really impressed with the swinging game board, which makes the board game a little more exciting than the usual ones we play as there are so many things to see. On one side of the game board is the inside of Hogwarts with many familiar landmarks from the books and movies. Then you can swing the game board over to reveal the ground of Hogwarts with more landmarks. 

Fans of  the Harry Potter series will especially like this game since it includes all the details from the books and movie, such as The Great Hall, Aragog's Cave, Hagrid's Hut, and more.  This game involves a little more strategy as you have to collect clues to capture the magical beasts that have escaped and are running amok.  My son loved trying to figure out which magical beast he was 
tracking down.  

As opposed to the Tri-Wizard Maze Game, this one is a little bit more involved and has a little bit longer playtime, so I definitely recommend this game for older elementary school crowd or avid game player. Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game would make for a great gift for any Potter fans out there and it's perfect to play as a family.  

Thanks again to Pressman Toys for sending me these games to share with you guys. Go check out their website or their Facebook page for more information on these games as well as others to play with your family and friends.  I absolutely love family game night (it's a nice break from all the screen time!) and these board games would make for a great addition to any family's collection.  They will surely be played with for years to come!  

Do you have any literary games? Have you played these Harry Potter board games? Let me know thoughts as well as your favorite family board games in the comments below. 

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