Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Latest Obsession: Black Sails

After listening to The Scot and the Sassenach's podcast and their discussion of Black Sails, I knew it was time I finally check this show out. They promised that fans of Outlander will especially appreciate this show.  The final season of Black Sails starts this month, so I am sharing my top five reasons why I love Black Sails: (And don't worry I won't share any spoilers!)

1.  Pirates - Who doesn't love pirates? This show is a prequel to Treasure Island, so you get to "know" many real-life pirates, such as John Silver, Charles Vane, Blackbeard, Billy Bones, Anne Bonny, etc.

2.  The Setting - The setting of the Bahamas (but taped in South Africa) is pretty fantastic as is all the boat scenes. The crew absolutely does a fantastic job bringing not only the time period to life, but life in tropical Nassau.  

3.  Female Power - Even though this show seems to be about pirates (mostly male) there are a lot of women on this show that are freaking fantastic. They are girl bosses extraordinaire. I love how a lot of the women have power on the island and aren't just victims to the pirate's antics.

Billy Bones

Charles Vane (in center)
4.  Charles Vane - I knew this actor from The 100 and I am a huge fan. Let's discuss that body...if he doesn't motivate me to get buff in 2017, I don't know what will. And seriously. It's not just Vane who is in outstanding shape. Billy Bones is incredible as well.  But it isn't just about looks. Vane is intelligent, cunning, loyal, and passionate. He's my favorite pirate for sure.

5.  The Resistance - In the US, we have had a depressing go of it lately, so there's something inspirational and timely about their resistance to the English rule.

So, anyone else a fan of Black Sails? Will you be watching the fourth and final season this month?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. I've never watched this one. I had no idea they used real historical figures or that it was meant as a prequel to Treasure Island. I don't have Starz but I'll have to see if I can get the DVDs sometime. Sounds like a cool show.

    1. It is definitely a cool show. I love that the use historical figures - it is so much fun! Thanks for visiting, Christina!


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