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My Favorite Bloggers Share What They Are Reading This Summer

Sometimes I find out my favorite beach reads through some recommendations, so today I am excited to share with you some of my favorite bloggers' recommendations for beach reads this summer.  If you aren't following these blogs, you should! I promise you that these ladies and their blogs are the absolute best.

Meg from Write Meg! recommends,  
"What's a sunny afternoon at the beach without a Meg Cabot novel? I am trembling with excitement to get my hands on Royal Wedding, the next chapter in the story of Princess Mia and Michael, her commoner love. I've been obsessed with the series since high school and love that Mia has aged with me as a reader. Plus, who can resist the allure of a fairytale celebration? The book comes out June 2 -- just in time for the birth of my first child! -- so I know what will be in my hospital bag. If you're as stoked as I am, check out an excerpt!

Tara from Running 'N' Reading says, 
"I am a huge fan of Jane Green, so my BIG summer selection is her upcoming release Summer Secretswhich will be released on June 23rd. The main character, in her mid-twenties, has a wonderful, carefree life and her world is rocked by the discovery of the true identity of her father; it changes all of her relationships and she will struggle to finally find her way again. I can't wait!
After reading her previous novels, Forever, Interrupted (a movie is coming soon!) and After I Do, I'll definitely have the July release from author Taylor Jenkins Reid in my beach bag for my birthday trip! Her upcoming novel, Maybe in Another Life, focuses on Hannah, an almost-30 gal who is trying to make some life decisions and is faced with a situation where she can choose one option or the other and see what happens; a "choose the ending" kind of tale and I think it's going to be a page-turner! 
Another of my favorite authors, Sarah Pekkanen, has a new summer release, Things You Won't Say; without giving away too much, the author is at her finest as she delves into another interesting family drama and gets readers thinking about how far we would go to save our families. A great read!
And, last but not least, what if you could re-write your fate on Facebook? In The Status of All Things, by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, readers are taken on Kate's journey to find out whether she'll be happy with the "perfect" life through social media. Doesn't that sound intriguing?"

Check out Natalie's summer reading list from Natflix & Books:
"On the top of my list are: The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West, PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han, Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout, and Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer.

Leanna from Daisy Chain Book Reviews says,
"I love nothing more than a great beach read! Here are a selection of the books I’ll be reading this summer!
99 Days by Katie Cotugno – OK, so this is kind of a cheat, because I’ve read this  one already, but I loved 99 Days so much that I want to recommend it to everybody! So, this book deals with cheating, but don’t let that put you off. 99 Days is an entertaining page-flipper that’s perfect for a lazy day in the sun. You will cringe as protagonist Molly Barlow makes the same mistakes over and over again – and you might just swoon when you meet Gabe Donnelly.  I don’t condone cheating, and I don’t agree with Molly’s actions in this book, but I do see why Gabe might have been hard to resist! Read it and see what you think! So much drama!
The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord – Emery Lord’s debut Open Road Summer was one of my favourite reads of summer 2014 – remember the adorable Matt Finch? - and this one sounds like another perfect summer read. I’ve been hearing great, great things about The Start of Me and You – almost everyone I know has rated this book five stars – so I can’t wait to get stuck in! 
P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was my favourite book of 2014, so I’ve been counting down the days to this follow up from Jenny Han, who in my opinion, can do no wrong.  I might just re-read her Summer series of books this year too. Too cute! Team Conrad!
Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten– So, my summer reading isn’t all light and fluffy and all about boys! Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is a thriller described as Gone Girl meets Thirteen Reasons Why. Yeah, this book had me at Gone Girl, I admit it!  I’ve heard that this book has some great twists – and that it will mess with your head. So that sounds good, right?
Villa America by Liza Klaussmann – I loved Klaussmann’s sun-soaked debut, Tigers in Red Weather, and this one sounds like another gorgeous read.  Set in the 1920’s on the French Riviera, Villa America is the summer getaway of Gerald and Sarah Murphy, who live a charmed life filled with famous friends and fabulous parties, that is, until tragedy strikes.  Sure to be an absorbing read!
The Blue by Lucy Clarke – Lucy Clarke has been one of my go-to authors for summer reads since she released her compelling debut Swimming at Night a few years back.  Her new book The Blue takes place aboard a luxury yacht on a trip to paradise, but this is no fluffy summer read – so prepare for things to go very wrong very quickly indeed!"

Becky from Stories & Sweeties says, 
Becky's Beach Bag - Love this!
"Here's what will be in my beach bag this summer, along with my big hat, big sunglasses, and my ridiculously high SPF sunscreen:  Proof of Forever by Lexa Hillyer, Beastly Bones by William Ritter, Siren's Fury by Mary Weber and Fallout by Gwenda Bond." 

Christina from Reading Extensively recommends,
When the Moon is Low by Nadia Hashimi -I was blown away by her debut novel, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, when I read it last year. Her second novel is about a family from Afghanistan forced to flee and seek asylum in another country and what happens when their teenage son becomes separated from them. Not exactly light beach reading but it sounds like another moving story.
Ana of California by Andi Teran - This is a modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables, which is one of my favorite classics so I am eager to pick it up. I also like that the protagonist is Latina and while Anne of Green Gables was more sunshine and rainbows, Ana's story deals with some contemporary issues too. I think it sounds like a winner and the early reviews have been very positive.
Circling the Sun by Paula McLain - I still haven't read The Paris Wife though I've heard it's really good. This novel is about the real life aviatrix and adventuress Beryl Markham. The book is at least partly set in 1920s Kenya, a setting that both Deanna Raybourn and Lauren Willig have used for historical novels and I think at least one of their novels featured Beryl Markham as a minor character. I love historical fiction and interesting heroines and the setting appeals to me too so I have high hopes that I'll really enjoy this.
Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews - I have really enjoyed her other books that I've read and I think they are the perfect beach reads. This one is about a woman trying to find a shooting location for a movie and her clash with the handsome mayor who wants to preserve his town as is.
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella - I've enjoyed her fiction for adults and this is Sophie Kinsella's debut novel for teens. The description of the book says it is "a terrific blend of comedy, romance, and psychological recovery in a contemporary YA novel sure to inspire and entertain."  

Christy from The Reader Bee says,
Christy's Beach Bag - what a great selection!

"I absolutely adore books that are set in the summer-time, so I scoured my shelves picking out a few that are going to be in my Beach Bag this summer! Of course, no summer is complete without a Sarah Dessen book or two, and I have four on my list, Keeping the Moon, That Summer, What Happened to Goodbye & The Truth About Forever. I also chose two Huntley Fitzpatrick books that I’ve been dying to read, My Life Next Door & What I Thought Was True. Anything by Morgan Matson seems to be great for summer as well, so I have Amy and Roger's Epic Detour & Second Chance Summer in my bag. Also included is Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols, and of course, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares because I loved the first book!! That’s what’s in my Beach Bag!! I can’t wait to get started on them. Happy Reading!" 

Thank you so much to all of my favorite bloggers. You guys included some great recommendations.  I even added a few books to my never ending beach read list.  What do you guys think? There are so many I am excited for! 


  1. SO MANY GREAT BOOKS! I'm going to have to work some of the other ladies suggestions into my reading list this summer. I love this post, Christina!!

    1. Thanks, Christy, and thank you for participating! :)

  2. Love seeing everyone's recommendations - and their beach bags! I need to go check out Ana of California. Really like the sound of that one!

    1. And I need to check out Villa Americana; thanks for sharing that one!

    2. There are so many great selections here, Christina! It's so much fun to read about everyone else's pics; thanks so much for including me in this post and in the Summer Kickoff; love it!! Hope you have a great weekend!

    3. Thanks, Leanna! I agree, Ana of California sounds fantastic. Thank you for participating!

    4. Thanks, Tara! I am so glad you participated. :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. It's always great to see what other people are going to be reading this summer. I have to add PS, I Love You to my summer reading list. Can't believe I forgot about that one! I bet there is a long waiting list at the library already :) Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

    1. I agree...I'm always curious what everyone else plans on reading during the summertime. I just finished P.S. I Love You and although it wasn't as good as the first book, I still thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you get to read it! Thank you for participating, Christina. I appreciate it! :)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm excited for so many of these books...and the time to actually read them.

    1. Thanks for participating, Natalie! You are going to LOVE your summer this year...I hope you get to read all the books! :) Thanks again!


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