Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday: Better Off Friends

This is a weekly meme hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine.  "Waiting on Wednesday" spotlights upcoming releases that I'm eagerly anticipating.

Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg
Pub. Date: February 25, 2014

Goodreads says, "For Macallan and Levi, it was friends at first sight. Everyone says guys and girls can’t be just friends, but these two are. They hang out after school, share tons of inside jokes, their families are super close, and Levi even starts dating one of Macallan’s friends. They are platonic and happy that way. Eventually they realize they’re best friends — which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep getting in each other’s way. Guys won’t ask Macallan out because they think she’s with Levi, and Levi spends too much time joking around with Macallan, and maybe not enough time with his date. They can’t help but wonder . . . are they more than friends or are they better off without making it even more complicated? From romantic comedy superstar Elizabeth Eulberg comes a fresh, fun examination of a question for the ages: Can guys and girls ever really be just friends? Or are they always one fight away from not speaking again — and one kiss away from true love?"

Ok, so I hope I am not showing my age here, but does this remind you of Joey/Pacey/Dawson in the BEST way possible? (I was sort of obsessed with Dawson's Creek in high school and may or may not have re-watched all the episodes a few years ago.) Anyway, I thought Eulberg's The Lonely Hearts Club was entertaining and I really enjoyed Prom and Prejudice, so I will definitely be checking this one out. What do you guys think?


  1. This sounds like such an adorable read. I haven't read anything by this author, but I've heard great things about her writing.
    Lovely pick! :)

    Nick - My WoW

  2. This sounds really cute! Nice choice.

    Tanya Patrice

  3. This really sounds like a good book. The only thing I've read by Eulberg is The Lonely Hearts Club, and I really didn't like it, unfortunately. I'm definitely willing to give the author another try though!

  4. This one sounds darling! I'm totally down to see what ends up happening in this one!
    My WoW

  5. Love the sound of this book!

    You just reminded me that I need to marathon Dawson's Creek...somehow, I never got around to watching that show when it was on air. I was probably too busy watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer ;)

    Fabulous choice!

  6. I so want to read this one! I love friendship to romance stories. :)

    my WOW

  7. Yes! I can see that. Totally. Good call.

  8. I haven't heard of this one yet... and it sounds kind of awesome. I really love books that explore relationships like this, so I'm really excited to learn about this book.

    Thanks for sharing this one with us!
    Chelsea @ Books Turn Brains

  9. I just saw this yesterday. I love Me. Eulberg and am always excited when she has a new book coming out. This sounds really cute. Packet and Joey forever! Great pick!
    Natflix&Books' WoW

  10. Believe it or not, I have not yet read anything by Eulberg! I really need to remedy that soon. This book does sound pretty awesome, so I will definitely be checking it out!

  11. I hadn't heard of this yet but it sounds fantastic! I really enjoyed The Lonely Hearts Club and Prom and Prejudice too.

  12. This look super cute. I haven't read any of this author's work, but I don't think I can resist such a fun scenario!

  13. Doesn't this one sound SO CUTE! I just came across it on Goodreads the other day and it was an instant add to my wish list.

  14. Thanks for checking out my Wow pick, everyone! I appreciate it.


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