Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Review: Gone South by Meg Moseley

Pages: 352
Genre: Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: May 7, 2013
Source: Publisher for review
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Goodreads says, "Leaving frosty Michigan for the Deep South was never a blip in the simple plans Tish McComb imagined for her life, dreams of marriage and family that were dashed five years earlier in a tragic accident. Now an opportunity to buy her great-great-great-grandparents’ Civil War era home beckons Tish to Noble, Alabama, a Southern town in every sense of the word. She wonders if God has given her a new dream— the old house filled with friends, her vintage percolator bubbling on the sideboard. When Tish discovers that McCombs aren’t welcome in town, she feels like a Yankee behind enemy lines. Only local antiques dealer George Zorbas seems willing to give her a chance. What’s a lonely outcast to do but take in Noble’s resident prodigal, Melanie Hamilton, and hope that the two can find some much needed acceptance in each other. Problem is, old habits die hard, and Mel is quite set in her destructive ways. With Melanie blocked from going home, Tish must try to manage her incorrigible houseguest as she attempts to prove her own worth in a town that seems to have forgotten that every sinner needs God-given mercy, love and forgiveness."

Tish McComb is starting over and buying her great-great-great grandparents' home in Noble, Alabama.  She is living Michigan behind for southern life with the hopes that she can finally move on.  Tish is having a hard time adapting to Noble. Everyone seems to know everyone in Noble and everyone has a backstory, including Tish's family.  All the townspeople seem to know the notorious history of the McCombs, everyone that is except Tish.  Thanks to this, Tish is having a hard time adapting and meeting new people, until she befriends George and fellow town outcast, Melanie.  But friendship with Mel isn't always easy as she has some secrets of her own and is a troubled soul when Tish takes finds her and takes her in.  Tish was hoping for a new start in Alabama, but now she is wondering if she made the right choice.  Gone South by Meg Moseley is the usual fish out of water story, but within it there's a focus on forgiveness, finding love, and new friendships.

Tish lost her former love in a tragic car accident years ago, which is why she is starting over in Alabama.  I loved how she found her ancestors' home and learned more about her family's history.  She comes to find that the McComb family isn't really liked in Noble and she is determined to find out why.  Thanks to the help from George, a good-looking antique dealer, she finds out Noble's version of the truth surrounding the McCombs.  I also liked that Tish was a good person in Gone South. She took into Mel when she had nowhere to go, thanks to a falling out with her parents.  I enjoyed watching their friendship blossom.  It should be noted that the narration jumps from Tish, George and Mel, but the real star here is Tish. 

The subplot surrounding Mel and the fight with her family was pretty interesting.  I so wanted Mel to start over, not rely on her family for money, and find her way in the world, but Mel definitely had some issues that she needed to address before doing that.  Thanks to Tish's help, she is pushed in the right direction in Gone South.

Noble, Alabama has a cast of characters that were no doubt entertaining in Gone South.  It was really fun trying to figure out why the town held a grudge for so long against the McCombs. It kind of reminded me of the TV show Hart of Dixie, especially since the both main characters are Yankees and are uprooted to a close-knit southern town.

Of course there is some romance between Tish and George, which I enjoyed; however, it wasn't scandalous or anything.  If you are looking for something steamy, find it elsewhere.  Which leads me to the fact that Gone South is falls under the genre of Christian Fiction.  I have never read anything that's considered Christian Fiction before, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't overly religious and it did have some nice messages. 

Sometimes it's nice to read a book that is wholesome and read at an enjoyable "southern" pace. Although Gone South didn't wow me, I still found it entertaining. I think Gone South would go perfectly with a glass of sweet tea on the deck this summer while the world moves by at a slow, relaxing pace.


  1. I didn't know this was CF. Sounds fabulous and I adore the cover. It's truly lovely.

    Great review.

    1. I think you would really like it, Juju! I love the cover too. Thanks for visiting!


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