Monday, April 30, 2012

When I Am Not Reading YA: Baby Edition

I have been preparing for baby boy's birth by reading up on everything and anything about babies. As a book nerd, this shouldn't come as a surprise.  Here are some mini-reviews on what I've been reading.

Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields
My best friend gave me this book back in December and I use it all the time.  When I registered, it became my go-to reference source. I found it to be beyond helpful as I had no clue as to what I would need.  The book breaks it down for you and reviews each and every product on the market.  For example, it describes and reviews cribs, furniture, carriers, bathtubs, carseats, etc.  I would highly recommend this book to a new-to-be parent, especially if you want the low-down on what is needed and what is simply gimmicky.  

Baby 411 by Denise Fields and Dr. Ari Brown
My best friend also gave me this book as a gift and I find myself browsing through it from time to time.  It is organized mostly by questions, which can be helpful, as I have a ton!  I think I will use this book more often after the baby arrives as it spends a great deal of chapters focusing on newborns and toddlers. Some chapters that I find especially interesting are the sleep and development chapter, nutrition and growth as well as solids and liquids.  This book also has it's own icons that it intersperses throughout such as red flags, reality checks, bottom lines, and old wives tales.  I found that to be especially helpful when you are browsing through the text. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff
Everyone said I needed a copy of this book, so I diligently went to the store and purchased it.  I must be honest, I am not a big fan. I find it overwhelming and super scary at times. I will read through it to just make sure I know what is going on each trimester, but it is in no way my favorite pregnancy book.  Murkoff is just too darn intense for me and a lot of what she has to say is very doom and gloom.  (However, I am curious about the upcoming movie based on this book.  It seems funny!) If you are someone that needs to know all the dirty details, this book is definitely for you.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Dr. Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler
I LOVE this book.  For me, it includes the perfect dose of pregnancy each week without being overwhelming.  Every week I read what is going on for the baby and what is going on that week for me. They do have some extra articles that are about health issues and/or common concerns, which I find to be less scary since they are in small doses.  They also include a prenatal exercise for the week, which is pretty helpful.  I highly recommend this pregnancy book, especially if you don't want to be overwhelmed and you want someone to break it down for you week by week as opposed to breaking it down by trimesters.

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
This book had me laughing out loud.  Each topic was hilarious and of course, Jenny tells it like it is, which I appreciate and LOVE.  During the first trimester, I found this book to be comforting, especially to find that I am not the only one with weird side effects. She talks about everything and anything, so be aware! However, I must say that if you are looking for a book with helpful and legitimate information, do not pick this up.  But if you are looking to de-stress and find comfort in someone else's hilarious pregnancy journey, you must check out this book.  I know it had me laughing out loud even though I was seriously sick with morning sickness.

The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg
This book is fantastic!  I find baby name books to be overwhelming with their extensive lists and 400+ pages, but this book is easy to read and to gloss through.  It breaks baby names down into categories and my husband and I found this to be helpful.  As a teacher, it's hard to find a name that a student hasn't spoiled (you know how it is- there is always that one kid with the great name that drives me nuts!) and this book gave us some new ideas. I highly recommend this baby name book; in fact, it's the only one we are going to use.

So, that is what I've been reading when I haven't had my nose in a YA book.  Next, I plan on reading What to Expect the First Year, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and The Baby Book.  Moms out there.....anything else I may be missing? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know! 


  1. I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations!

    The best advice I can give about baby books is not to take all the information as written in stone. It all changes according to the "current thinking" and "trends." When I had my first child (15 years ago) the big no-no was "nipple confusion" because babies wouldn't learn to eat properly if switching back and forth between breast and bottle.

    What a bunch of hokum. If there was food coming out of it, my girls were all over it. No confusion. ;)

    A book I really enjoyed was Attack of the Toddler by Julie Tilsner. Silly but often true.

    1. Dianne- It's good to hear from you! Thank you so much. I hope all is well with you. I love your advice. Thank you so much and I'll check out the Attack of the Toddler. :)

  2. Sooooooooooooooooooo with you on What to Expect When You're Expecting. I thought it was rather lame.

    I also agree on Belly Laughs. Fun but not really informative.

    Baby Bargains sounds brilliant. Wish I had had that one. Even though my husband made our crib and we learned that preferences really are a personal thing. For example we looooved The Miracle Blanket.

    The Happiest Baby on the Block we skipped the book and watched the video (compliments of the library). It was all the tips minus the extra words.

    Love that you're doing all your homework. Trust me it helps.

    1. Juju- I had no idea Happiest Baby was a video too. Good to know in case I don't find time to read it! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Yay for baby name books! While I'm not in a place where the hubs and are thinking about having kids, I love looking up baby names:) I think the Jenny McCarthy book would be hilarious even if you've never been pregnant, she's just got such a great sense of humor:)

    1. Jenny- I's so addicting! The Jenny McCarthy book was hilarious---she is the best! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. My mom read "What To Expect When You're Expecting" when she was pregnant with me; she still has the copy of the book today. (:


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