Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Latest Obsession: Downton Abbey

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Ok, so I know I am late in the game here, but I must profess my love of Downton Abbey on PBS.   I have been feeling under the weather lately and thanks to the genius that is Netflix, I was able to get caught up on season one of the show. I watched it straight through and was hooked. I knew I would enjoy it since I am a huge fan of historical fiction. 

Unfortunately, this has taken away from my valuable reading time, but there's nothing better than getting lost in a fictional TV world when you don't feel good.  The location is to-die-for; Highclare Castle is stunning!  And if you are a Jane Austen fan, like me, I definitely think you'd like Downtown Abbey.  

So, any other fans out there? We must discuss!  If you have never heard of this show, check out the website. You can even watch episodes online! And they have a fun quiz to see which Downton Abbey character you are.  I got the Dowager Countess of Grantham, which made me laugh out loud as I don't see any similarities between us; however, I guess it was better than getting Thomas (so not a fan!)

Anyone else obsessed? Let me know!  I can't wait for the next episode- it airs every Sunday till February 19th. If you ask me, it's the perfect winter escape.


  1. I love Downton Abbey and started watching it last year. I got caught up using Netflix too :)

    I'd say this is a good one for fans of Upstairs, Downstairs too.

    I love the Dowager Duchess! Aside from Bates and Anna, she is one of my favorite characters from the show. Maggie Smith does a fantastic job :)

    Now I just need to get caught up on Season 2...

  2. I Love Love Love Downtown! I love the period, the cloths, the drama, and all the rest of it. My favorite is the relationship between Anna and Bates. I can't get over it!

  3. I don't watch much tv, but I keep hearing about this show. Glad you really enjoy it.

  4. I watched about 15 minutes of the very first episode on my Kindle Fire last night and had to turn it off. I need to see it on a bigger screen because I LOVED it! It will be cutting into my reading time too until I get caught up. Downton Abbey is addicting!

  5. I'm late in the game too. I haven't watched it yet. My mom and sister rave about it. Hmm...I might need to postpone reading for a little while too.

  6. I've never even heard of this show! What is my problem? I seriously need to crawl out from under my rock and get out more. So adding this to my TiVo list!

  7. Color me obsessed! I even went so far as to google & watch the illegal UK uploads of Season 2 so that I could watch them already. (I'm in the US and PBS has aired only the first episode of season 2 here). I've also watched the two-hour Christmas bonus episode. LOVE it.

    I also got the Dowager Countess, though I don't see it myself. I never get the good lines!

    It's so easy to hate Thomas, the nasty little scheming coward that he is. I'd like to have a little backstory on him to make him a more rounded character instead of so two dimensional.

  8. I am addicted. It has everything I love: historical fact mixed with fiction, lavish period sets, lavish period costumes, great acting, and then of course there's the flawless Maggie Smith who is honestly the whole reason I watched the show in the first place. Violet is my favorite ;)

  9. I love this show! I recently discovered it thanks to Netflix and am literally obsessed with it! Glad you found it too and hope you continue to enjoy it!

  10. Christina- I will have to check out Upstairs, Downstairs- also heard good things about that one too. I agree--Maggie Smith is brilliant.

    Patricia- Me too. Anna and Bates are the cutest ever.

    Juju- I think you'd like it!

    Beth- I am addicted too. I'm glad you are getting into it!

    Michelle- That's the only bad thing--it's definitely taking up my reading time!

    Jenny- You must add it to your TiVo list stat!

    Crowe Flies- Wow! I'm glad you are as obsessed as me. I agree- more of a backstory on Thomas would be really interesting. Hopefully we will get that in season two!

    Fantasy- I agree. Maggie Smith is fantastic in it!!

    Grownup- Thank you!! :)

  11. My hubby and I are hooked on Downton Abbey. It is fabulous!

  12. I so can't wait to watch this series. I have thought about buying season one on DVD several times, but I rather want to wait until you can buy the complete series. The same I said with the BBC series Merlin, but now I own season one, two and three on DVD ;) the same may become the case with Downtown Abbey, I am not sure I can wait lol.
    Romantic costume drama series and movies have always been my favourite genre, together with fantasy/sci-fi (more fantasy than sci-fi though) and your line "And if you are a Jane Austen fan, like me, I definitely think you'd like Downtown Abbey." surely made me even more eager for watching this :)

  13. I love to read your reviews, so I decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award!Drop by my blog and check it out. Unfortunately, I've never hear of Downtown Abbey, but it sounds interesting!

  14. Everyone keeps yelling at me that I need to start watching this show. I watched the first episode on hulu and really liked it, so looks like I know where the last dwindling remains of my free time will be going....


  15. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well lately!

    I have never seen Downton Abbey, even though, like you, I think I would love it. I need to check it out. As you know, my latest obsession is Revenge!

    Feel better! xo

  16. Everyone seems to love this show! I so need to check it out, :)


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