Sunday, July 10, 2011


OBX- Spring 2009
It's vacation time!!!  I'm going to be spending the next week in North Carolina at the glorious Outer Banks.  I have visited the Outer Banks once before and being the beach bum that I am, I absolutely adored it.  I can't wait to relax at the beach and hang out with family.  

I am excited that I can bring my dog, Scout. I am hoping to take him to the ocean for the first time! And on a nerdy note, I can bring my computer with me on this trip since there is wi-fi. So, I will still be blogging and reviewing! I'll be sure to include some of my beachy adventures as well as some pictures.

Have any of you been to the Outer Banks? Any recommendations for me? Let me know!

Have a great weekend,


  1. Have fun! It sounds like a truly beautiful place. I've enjoyed reading several books set on the Outer Banks this year. Hopefully I'll get to visit someday too.

  2. Oh how fun!

    You are like my vacation hero!

  3. Oh, I love the OBX! They're quite a drive from my house, and I'm in the state!, but they're beautiful :o) My best friend loves Ocracoke best, but I like being up Kill Devil Hills way. Manteo is nice too, and has the aquarium and Festival Park (where a friend of mine works, haha) It's a fun area, the OBX :o)

  4. OBX ismy favorite place ever. We are going back this august but I think this is going to be our last trip with all the people we usually go with. We have been staying in Duck for the past 8 vacations but we did Nags Head before that. I hope you have fun. It's a great place.

  5. Thanks, guys! I am loving it so far. I only stayed for a few days back in 09' so I am happy to be staying for a week with family!

  6. Yay! Hope you're having a great time. I visit the Outer Banks with my extended family ever summer -- we stay in Kill Devil Hills and are often spotted around Oregon Inlet and Nags Head. I'll be there in August!

  7. This looks gorgeous! Hope you're having lots of fun!

  8. I hope you had a wonderful time. And I hope Scout enjoyed the ocean.

  9. Meg- I love it down here! Kill Devil Hills is so nice. We stay in Duck/Sanderling area, but last time I was here, we stayed closer to Kill Devil Hills. Thanks for visiting!

    Leanna- Thank you! :)

    Kim- We took Scout to the ocean for the first time yesterday. He was hilarious! Thanks for visiting.


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