Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review: Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

*There are some small spoilers if you have't read The Boys Next Door.

Pages: 587 (it includes The Boys Next Door too)
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
Pub. Date: May 25, 2010
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads says, "Lori can’t wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends--including the two hotties next door. With the Vader brothers, she's always been just one of the guys. Now that she’s turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother. But that’s not going to happen--not if the younger brother, Adam, can help it. Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam. Adam has plans of his own for Lori. As the air heats up, so does this love triangle. Will Lori’s romantic summer melt into one hot mess?"

Things pick up exactly where The Boys Next Door ends and as usual, Lori finds herself in a crazy situation once again.  She gets in trouble for spending all night out with Adam, but really, she didn't do anything wrong as she just fell asleep. Of course, no one believes her!  However, her dad is really upset and has forbidden Lori from seeing Adam all summer, which as far as she is concerned is the worst possible punishment.  Even Adam's family is upset and thinking of sending him to military school as they are tired of dealing with him.  But Lori has something up her sleeve and hopes to remedy the situation. Of course it involves Sean, Adam's brother, and a few hilarious situations.  While I didn't enjoy Endless Summer as much as The Boys Next Door, it still satisfied my romantic comedy sweet tooth.

In Endless Summer, Echols writes with alternating points of view switching from Lori to Adam. I actually really liked this, not only because I enjoyed Adam, but I also got a different perspective of the situation from a more reliable narrator as Lori can be too impulsive.  Plus (lets be honest!),  I needed a break from Lori who was really pushing my buttons.  

Lori is just as much fun in this book as the first, but her crazy schemes and planning are too over the top and unrealistic.  To be frank, she irritated me.  I knew half of her plans would backfire as they all lacked common sense.  Thankfully, Adam is more level-headed and tried to keep Lori more grounded.  He's one of the best parts of the book.  Although Lori annoyed me, I still thought that her relationship with Adam was cute. I'd love to see where it's going to go in the fall during football season and school.  Maybe Echols will write another book?

Since the novel was partly from Adam's point of view, we got to understand his love/hate relationship with his brothers, which was also pretty interesting.  The Vader brothers definitely are entertaining and their witty banter back and forth had me laughing out loud.  I also love how Lori's relationship with the Vaders was originally based on strong friendship as they grew up together and share many memories.

If you are looking for a romantic comedy, be sure to check out The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols.  Echols really knows how to write feel good romantic comedies that are perfect for summertime.


  1. Thanks for sharing you review on this! I have Endless Summer on my list, I love romantic comedies. I really need to check out all of her books! :) Great review!

  2. I think these books sound so fun! I will definitely have to read something by Jennifer Echols soon! :)

  3. Christy- I hope you get to read it this summer and I hope you are enjoying your early break!

    Leanna- They are definitely fun! I hope you get your hands on a copy soon.

  4. I really want to read this book. I'm also glad that the first book is concluded in this beautiful edition. ;) Loving the cover.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Nina! It is a good deal since the first book is included.


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