Monday, October 4, 2010

Newbery 2011

Tomorrow I have the distinct pleasure of taking my English classes to hear a professor, who is on the Newbery Committee, speak about his experiences this year on the committee as well as last year.  I am beyond excited and my book loving students are pumped for it as well.

I am especially excited for the books that he will share with us, specifically the "frontrunners."  Even though I haven't read these books, I hope he will mention them tomorrow:  

I am going to go with Forge for my "fantasy" Newbery draft.  First off, I recently read and LOVED Chains by L.H. Anderson and I think it should have won the Newbery, which is why I am rooting for Forge.  

I must admit, When You Reach Me, last year's Newbery winner, was good, but was it truly Newbery worthy? Not in my opinion.  So, I'm pretty pumped to hear what he has to say and hopefully gain some insight into the process of picking a Newbery winner, which to me, seems like a very taxing task.  I'll be sure to pass along any interesting info to you guys!

Have you read any of the "frontrunners" for the Newbery?  Check out The School Library Journal Blog's post about this very topic and tell me what you think.  Who do you think should win?

Also, I read Annexed this weekend by Sharon Dogar, which by the way came out today!  It was outstanding! You will especially love it if you are like me and adore Anne Frank's Diary or teach a WWII/Anne Frank unit.  I found it to be very powerful and I plan on using referring to it during my Anne Frank unit this spring.  Keep your eye out for my review this week. 

Tell me what you think about the Newbery "frontrunners" and 
have a great night,


  1. So exciting that you and your students will get a glimpse into the Newbery Awards! What a great opportunity. I think you should host a Newbery challenge on your blog...I would participate!

  2. Great post! I want to read Forge. I want to read everything by Laurie Halse Anderson. I like how varied her works are.
    Alison Can Read

  3. That IS really exciting! What a wonderful opportunity for your students! I loved Chains but haven't read Forge yet. I'm sure it's worthy of Laurie Halse Anderson.

    The most puzzling Newbery awarded recently for me was The Graveyard Game by Gaiman. Although it had an intriguing start, I thought it peetered out fast and had too many elements straight out of Harry Potter. Gaiman's a great author, but this wasn't his best work.

    Another mystery for me was A Year Down Yonder, which I thought inferior to its predecessor, A Long Way From Chicago. In that case, I almost thought the Newbery was awarded in atonement, because the first book deserved it and didn't get it. Is that possible? (A question that could be asked, but probably won't be answered honestly ...)

  4. Jen- That's a great idea. I don't usually read a lot of MG but I guess that would get me started!

    Alison- Thanks! I really want to read that one as well.

    Dianne- He read aloud from Graveyard today- the beginning is entertaining, but I agree, it wasn't my favorite!! It was cool to hear what he thinks the frontrunners may be!


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