Sunday, August 1, 2010

In My Mailbox #25

Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia
*I obtained this ARC through Book It Forward Tours and am excited to read this, especially because I believe Jennifer will be at the Bring YA to PA event in West Chester, which is where I live!  
Goodreads says, "Seventeen-year-old Teagan McNeel falls for captivating Garreth Adams and soon discovers that her crush has an eight-point star etched into the palm of his right hand-the mark of an angel.  But where there is light, dark follows, and she and Garreth suddenly find themselves vulnerable to a dark angel's malicious plan that could threaten not only her life, but the lives of everyone she knows, and now, she is torn between one angel's sacrifice and another angel's vicious ambition.  Divinely woven together, Angel Star takes readers on a reflective journey when one angel's sacrifice collides with another angel's vicious ambition in a way that is sure to have readers searching for their own willpower."

Forget-Her-Nots swag 
*Amy Brecount White sent me postcards and signed bookmarks for reviewing her novel, Forget-Her-Nots, which I really enjoyed. If you missed my review, check it out here.  I am so excited to give some of the bookmarks and postcards to my students in the upcoming school year, but I will give a few of them away to my blog readers in the next month.  Thanks to Amy for sending me them. I really appreciate it and I look forward to meeting her at Bring YA to PA as well.  
Goodreads says, "When someone leaves three mystery flowers outside her dorm door, Laurel thinks that maybe the Avondale School isn't so awful after all — until her own body starts to freak out. In the middle of her English presentation on the Victorian Language of Flowers, strange words pop into her head, and her body seems to tingle and hum. Impulsively, Laurel gives the love bouquet she made to demonstrate the language to her spinster English teacher. When that teacher unexpectedly and immediately finds romance, Laurel suspects that something — something magical — is up. With her new friend, Kate, she sets out to discover the origins and breadth of her powers by experimenting on herself and others. But she can’t seem to find any living experts in the field of flower powers to guide her. And her bouquets don't always do her bidding, especially when it comes to her own crush, Justin. Rumors about Laurel and her flowers fly across campus, and she's soon besieged by requests from girls — both friends and enemies — who want their lives magically transformed — just in time for prom."

What did you guys get in your mailbox?  Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think.  I look forward to checking out everyone's  mailboxes. Have a great day!  This meme is hosted by The Story Siren.


  1. Angel Star looks really good. Can't wait to know what you think of it.

    Happy reading. =)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of Angel Star. I've only heard great things and I'm kind of interested in reading it. I'm just not 100% sure yet.
    It's so sweet that she sent you some postcards and bookmarks. The bookmark is really pretty. Enjoy!

  3. Angel Star! I LOVE this book and I hope you do too! Happy reading!

  4. Christina, Angel Star sounds so intriguing have now gotten it on a wish list to check into! Nice Swag too!

    My Mailbox

    jackie ^_^

  5. Awesomeness!! I have been looking forward to Angel Star- enjoy! Here is my IMMB

  6. I had bought Angel Star a while back and have read the first few chapters and loved it so far. Hope you enjoy as well, Happy Reading XD

  7. I look forward to hearing what you think of Angel Star.

    I am sure your students will like the swag. It was very nice of the author to send it to you.

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great week.


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