Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cassandra Clare Book Signing

Earlier this week I went to the Cassandra Clare book signing at my local Barnes and Noble. I was going to include the details in my "IMM" but I felt this deserves it's own posting.  Anyway, I was pretty excited about meeting her since I was currently reading City of Glass when I went to this signing.  I got there towards the end, because I was super busy, so I unfortunately didn't get to hear her speak.  However, I did get to chat with her a bit and get my books signed.  

Also, Holly Black was there signing books as well, which was pretty cool. I regret not buying her latest book and getting it signed, but I was really late and overwhelmed mentally.  (My car died this week (twice!) and my dog had to go to the Vet ER.  He's fine now, but you know what kind of week I was having; I wasn't thinking clearly! )  

Anyway, I mentioned to her that my students got me into this series and she hooked me up with a Mortal Instruments/City of Glass poster signed to my English class.  Check out the photos. I also got a sampler of Clockwork Angel, which I can't wait to check out.  Ignore my crazy hair in the picture below.  It was really humid and I was extremely tired, but it was a great experience.  She's an amazing author and I'm so glad I got to meet her.  Plus, I heard some great book gossip concerning the fact that this series is going to be made into a movie! Yay!

Keep an eye on my blog in the next few weeks, because I am going to four more book singings and will be hosting a 150 follower contest to say thank you to all my blogosphere friends. :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

(Cassandra Clare, me, and Holly Black)

*Haven't read this amazing series yet?  Read my reviews below.


  1. So cool. I bet your students will love the signed poster. I know that I have some students who are obsessed with her books! (Maybe because their teacher is, too?) Thanks for the pics--We can live vicariously through you!

  2. I'm glad you were able to go and meet Cassandra and get your book signed. I hope the books are made into movies!

  3. That's so great that you got to meet Cassandra and Holly Black! Your students will love the poster. And I agree that these books should be made into movies.

  4. Thanks, guys! I am going to frame the poster and show it to my student this week. :) It was definitely cool to meet her!

  5. Oh my goodness Christina! I am so jealous! I wish I could've been there with you. :) I am a bit worried about TMI being turned into a movie, just for the fact that SO MUCH happens in them, and in movie form, a lot of it will have to be cut out. I just hope they get the casting right. And four more signings coming up?! Do tell!

  6. I cannot wait for Clockwork Angel. The days are ticking on by. You look so excited it that pick and who can blame you. :-)

  7. So glad you had so much fun at the signing, they're the best aren't they? Always super exciting, can't wait to hear about the ones you're going to in the future!


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