Saturday, January 23, 2010


Emma by Jane Austen
This Sunday, PBS will be showing their version of Emma in three episodes starting this Sunday at 9pm.  I am beyond excited!  I am a loyal fan of Jane Austen and Emma is one of my favorites.  I simply love the "clever, handsome, and rich" Emma Woodhouse.  In my opinion, she is the funniest of the Austen heroines.  Yes, she has her head in the clouds and perhaps has too much time on her hands, but I can appreciate her attempts at matchmaking as I have tried my hand at this and have epically failed.

Tune in this Sunday to see how PBS has portrayed the classic novel and if you have a Twitter account, check out the Emma Twitter party going on during the show.  There's a chance to win Austen prizes!  Read more about it here.  

I leave you with this trailer.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend--you know what I am doing this Sunday!

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